A Printed Magazine? Are you crazy??

The short answer is: probably.

But we just couldn't shake the idea (which we've been musing over for more than a year now) that an honest-to-goodness, hold-in-your-hand creative magazine would be a joy to create and receive. On-line magazines are a part of the digital inundation of creative ideas and we love them, but doesn't holding something in your hands away from the omnipresent computer sound dreamy? We thought so too.

So here we are, two artists with some skills and yes, a little craziness which in our bolder moments call  'guts'. Most importantly, we have a multitude of friends with amazing talents and ideas, which we hope will encourage you to relax, feel good about your own amazing skills and talents, and get you motivated to do what your soul has been begging you to do: create!

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