Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Adobe Cloud, who's in?

As a rule with software, I like to keep myself a few versions behind the rest of the world. This way they work out all the kinks, and I can keep the screen looking just the way I like it with no new visual or surprises in the advancement of technology. I'm in my groove and I don't want to change it unless I ABSOLUTELY have to.

Yesterday was the day for that. I force quite my Illustrator about 8 times after the dreaded spinning rainbow took residence on my screen. I finally figured out that my computer had decided that the gaussian blur was not going to happen. No amount of praising or cajoling or trickery would get it to accept my file with the drop shadows. So it was either re-install the Illustrator 5.0 I'd been using or....*oh God*...upgrade.

I'd been discussing the Adobe Cloud and its inevitable descent upon the design world with my Creative Juice group so after some real issues connecting with Adobe's website (not making me feel very good confident), gave them my credit card, ignored the licensing agreement and jumped in with two feet. I downloaded Illustrator and 30 minutes later I was up and running again. Running a program with a dark gray screen and black tool windows, which was a little hard to stomach but running nonetheless. And let it not be said that I am averse to change!

From what I can see the benefits are that I can use all the software I need and some I don't use but might try. I use Photoshop and Illustrator mostly, but InDesign is quickly going to be my new favorite since I'm publishing a magazine, and Lightroom when I have the patience. There might be a few others I'll dip into later on.

So, have you taken the plunge? Do you like it? Do you hate being forced to join into a system that requires you to join 'or else' die with your last version? I must admit I don't like being told to do anything, so that definitely hit me the wrong way. However, I did the math and it's not going to be as far off what I paid to get the suite anyway.

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  1. I have taken the plunge myself and I love it. I have access to all these great programs that I never would have used- For example, recently I learned how to do animation because I could! Plus, if you are a web designer you have access to Adobe Muse and Adobe Business Catalyst, so as part of your plan you can host up to 5 websites included in the fee. Crazy! Now I sound like a spokesperson. I will say everything is not perfect, but for a monthly fee, it's nice to know that when new tools and updates are released you have access to them instantly. (PS, I hated the dark gray and the black tool windows too, so I just changed them back to what I was used to)


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