Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Printing Custom Fabrics with Spoonflower

As we work on the content of the Dear Liza Magazine, we were really interested in thematic expressions. Themes can be broadly figurative or literal, but I like the idea of exploring one topic for just more than one or two pages. I find that the real creativity blooms when I look deeper into some simple idea and allow it to stretch and grow within that one constraint.

I've had a burning desire to do something with some strawberry patterns I'd shelved for The Right Time in the future, and sent those designs to be printed on fabric by Spoonflower. Now, if you do not know about Spoonflower yet, be warned: You will obsess. You can print any quantities of your own custom designs (and by any quantity I mean you can print a swatch!) or choose from the multitudes of amazing designs that have already been uploaded to the site by other designers. I ordered a swatch book of the sample fabrics, so I would have some inkling of what cotton poplin, voile and sateen fabrics are. Not being in the world of sewing leaves me void of this critical information. In addition to the fabric swatches, Spoonflower sent swatches tantalizing me with their printable wallpaper, gift wrap and fabric decals. It's all I can do to NOT plan on opening another custom business with those options but I shall stay focused!

I have further developed the designs for 'round two' and will share them in the mag. Until then, I will be dreaming of napkins, pillows or anything that can be sewn with those fabrics....

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