Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Friday: Make something without spending ANY MONEY

This is last autumn's yarn wreath but I added some of felt shapes and vintage sequins I had stashed in my "Things that Bedazzle" drawer to make it new to me for this year. Pay no attention to the boy and weird teenager behind the curtain.

Do you have drawers and shelves and desks full of crafty stuff and art supplies? Me too. And yet, every time I get that crafty feeling, I head straight to Michaels or Hobby Lobby to buy more. Now, I'm not going to beat myself up about that too much. I do love the creative stimulation of a good retail craft outing--who can resist a pack of adhesive gems for a dollar? Why should we resist? It's a great deal and surely they will come in handy in my crafting future, right? Right. But I digress. Creativity doesn't always come from something NEW. Sometimes, you can do great stuff with your own great stuff.

This weekend's mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a craft with WHAT YOU HAVE. Don't go to the store for a special kind of glue, or just the right kind of paper or doo-dads that would make this craft perfect. Just use what you have. You are creative enough to make it work and the restrictions might actually make you MORE creative. If you accept this mission, I ask you to share what you do with the hashtag, #DearLizaFunFriday (<-- is it redundant to say 'hashtag' and then write a # sign? It feels awkward to me.)

Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking:
1. Make a card or tag with all your scraps of paper and ribbon. 
2. Cross stitch something tiny. 
3. Make a friendship bracelet with all your embroidery floss. 
4. Paint something and put it in an old picture frame. Better yet, paint over that old picture frame and make that new again too.
5. Illustrate your favorite quote
6. Make a collage of something you see in your neighborhood
7. Take old yarn and make a basket of pom-poms
8. Redecorate your mantle with candles and the flowers from your yard (or neighbor's yard if you're fast enough)
9. Cut up a beer can and make some jewelry
10. Sew your millions of beads to a piece of fabric to create a pattern

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